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This is a Journal.

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Lauren or Lou, as you like.
22 September 1983
For a sort of long, out of date bio-interests-y thing, you can look at this entry that I made a couple years ago, when I wasn't putting anything under "interests."

But basically, I'm a 28-ish gender-fluid pansexual in a committed, egaletarian, nontheistic, and fairly queer relationship with a feminist divorcé whom I adore. We have two cats, and neither have nor want children. I'm very intelligent, though I'm easily unnerved when on the spot and generally a little shy about it, and I have great hair and a big curvy ass. I am neurotic as all hell, paranoid, suffer depression and anxiety, but keep it together reasonably well. I sing three octaves, and play several instruments poorly. I also pidgin together lots of languages I know a little of. I curse worse than any of the sailors, bartenders, artists, military men, farm people, bootleggers, housewives, and teachers who forebore me, though I keep that in check, too. I work part-time for a non-profit I love, I home-make, I write, I grow food and flowers, I spin and knit and crochet. I am furthermore a leftist hippie peace-dove with red leanings. And I love you.
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