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doctor visit = woo - This is a Journal. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Lauren or Lou, as you like.

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doctor visit = woo [May. 25th, 2010|02:21 pm]
Lauren or Lou, as you like.
[Current Mood |cautiously optimistic]

he said carpal tunnel/tendonitis, and just went ahead and got two braces for me and let me walk off w/'em free 'n clear - <3 having insurance!! - have to wear them full time and keep resting as able + anti-inflam for 2 wks then check back in. awesome. but hard to type. omitting shift key consciously, though it hurts my soul.

said since fluoxetine worked for me the last time, we'd go w/ that - painless conversation, woo. agreed my previous 3-6 mo forays into meds were probably of insufficient length. scored mod/severe on the checklist - wooooo - and the pharmacist warned me to watch out for any 'odd thoughts' and to read the med lit. but not get too worried about it. this was actually really charming. <3 all in all, one of the better examples of a med. visit.

lost a little weight, so that's good. Vitals weird: bp 139/92, temp 99.2, pulse 119. had a half cup of coffee and always have high pulse, but wtf? felt like a bundle of nerves sitting there. always used to have low bp though it's been higher lately. wonder if i'm sick. feeling ok now - maybe just was freaked about visit? dunno

so, will probably not update over next couple weeks - half of that will be in Montreal anyway for smarties confab so that should help - think good thoughts for my travel!

love -